Your First Visit

Your First Visit to Hienrichs Orthodontics

At your first visit to Heinrichs Orthodontics one of our staff members will greet you and will take some pictures of you face and teeth. Afterwards, we will provide you with an introduction to our office and discuss your orthodontic concerns and goals. We ask that you bring the completed patient information forms to this first appointment. We will then gather the additional personal information and preliminary clinical information we need to best serve you.

To ensure individualized attention and a commitment to quality, a staff member will take initial photos and a general look at the teeth. Dr. Heinrichs will then do an exam of the face and dentition, and then explain what the general treatment recommendations are, the estimated treatment time and estimated price. He will also discuss the different options that you have to straighten your teeth; including Invisalign, ceramic brackets, the AcceleDent System, lingual braces or self ligating brackets. We will also provide information on how to submit your insurance claim to your insurance provider.

If treatment is recommended a records appointment will be scheduled to take all the necessary radiographs, pictures, impressions and additional information about the dentition. Dr. Heinrichs will then analyze all the data to finalize the treatment options. A consultation appointment will then be scheduled so that Dr. Heinrichs can present his findings and discuss the potential treatment options. We will also review the cost and length of treatment, your payment options and answer any questions that you may have. It takes 2-3 appointments to begin your orthodontic treatment; however, in many cases, we can start at this consultation appointment.

Once treatment begins, we will make an impression of the upper and lower teeth and Dr. Heinrichs will place the brackets on these models. A series of mouthgaurds are made and these mouthgaurds are used to transfer the brackets from the models to your teeth. This process helps to place the brackets in the optimal position, as well as reducing the amount of time it takes to put the braces on.

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